"Carina was our Day of Coordinator. When hiring a "Day of Coordinator" the implications are that the Coordinator will be there for you "the day of". However, with Carina this was not the case. Not only was she there for us "the day of" BUT she was there for us whenever & however we needed her in the months leading up to our big day!! Carina went out of her way to help us to achieve everything we envisioned for our big day. She even stayed up late at night to answer any & all questions we had. She received many late night text messages from me & she always responded in a helpful, informative & pleasant manner. No job was too big nor detail too minor for Carina to handle. She met with us several times in order to discuss our wants, needs & expectations. Carina not only satisfied all of our expectations she completely surpassed them. Our wedding day went off without a hitch & I have no doubt that this was because of Carina. Her passion & excitement about her job is obvious. Making sure her Bride's special day is everything they've ever dreamt of is Carina's number one priority. I was a very involved/DIY bride so I wasn't positive that we needed a Day of Coordinator. Boy was I wrong! I couldn't imagine not having Carina there in the months before our wedding & on the day of. She's extremely professional & attentive. I highly recommend her services. And, I can guarantee that she will truly make your wedding a Day to Remember!!!!"


"Everything that was done was totally helpful and I’m sure there were things that were taken care of that I didn’t even know about.  I’m really at a loss for words – everything that Carina assisted with helped a whole bunch and I can’t imagine not having her there to help.  It was so affordable, and with a wedding already being an expensive thing to plan I felt I was able to work Remember This Day’s services into my budget with ease.  She was very quick to respond, I wouldn’t expect to see an email maybe until the end of the day and then maybe fifteen to thirty minutes later I see a response.  Everything exceeded my expectations and even after the night was over the rose petals and champagne kept everything feeling so romantic and fairy-tale magical. I feel that Remember This Day's services go above and far beyond the pricing!  Carina is a hard worker and pays attention to details – I would have expected herprices to be higher for all the work exerted.  Absolutely positively I would use Remember This Day again and recommend their services.  I was 110% satisfied with how everything turned out."


"I am totally type A and if you weren’t there, I would have spent the day worrying about details and timeline instead of relaxing and enjoying myself. I knew I could trust you with even the little things and it was such a gift to just NOT WORRY and enjoy my day!!  I never looked at my watch or a checklist at all.  I was surprised at how available you were.  I really appreciated knowing that even if it wasn’t within my 10 hours you would be there to help.  I was also surprised at how much of your work I didn’t notice (that’s a compliment).  It was like magic just happened and everything was perfect, and I didn’t even know how.  It was amazing! I think you were worth way more than what I paid!   I so appreciated having multiple meetings ahead of time included in the price.  You are a bargain!"


"The wedding went exactly as I had envisioned. Everything was perfectly coordinated with all the vendors. The wedding facility was set up just liked I had pictured. Not a single detail was overlooked or missed. The timing of everything was also perfect. In my eyes, everything went off without a hitch. Carina and her assistant did such a good job at executing my visions for the overall event and making sure the event went on as I had requested it to (according to the schedule we had previously discussed). Yes. I would definitely recommend Remember This day to any bride. Hiring them for my wedding day gave me and my mother the chance to relax and enjoy the day. All the details that we had envisioned were executed perfectly. The entire event went so smoothly and was wonderfully coordinated with all the vendors. "
-Mary Kay


"I really liked the peace of mind the coordinator afforded me.  When I was presented with a problem with the limo company an hour before the ceremony, I didn’t even panic.  I knew to call the coordinator and have her handle it.  Carina solved the problem and I didn’t have to worry about a thing!  I also thought it was so nice of Carina to sew me a garter by hand when I had accidentally forgotten my own."



"I am so happy with my decision to hire Remember This Day.  You don't realize how much stuff you have to worry about until the day comes - especially the getting everything back together and packed up to take home with you.  I was exhausted by the end of the night and knowing that you were taking care of everything, tying up all the loose ends, I totally felt relieved.  You did an amazing job, and I wish I had gotten to see more of it out of the entire blur that day was.  I was completely confident that everything would be taken care of, and it was. :)  Thank you so, so, so much for all your hard work!"

- Stacey


"Carina started helping me plan my wedding over 18 months ago. She helped me find some wonderful additions to the wedding, such as the butterfly cookies that I used as favors, that everyone LOVED, as well as a few other things. She helped me find Events Unlimited for the ceremony tent, which thankfully I didn’t need, but which gave me peace of mind about the weather throughout the planning process. She was on top of everything as far as calling vendors and confirming everything, and at times I had a list of people to call to change this or that, with no time to do it, and Carina didn’t hesitate to step in. She was my life line throughout the planning. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would utilize a coordinator on the wedding day, but Carina proved to be invaluable. She worked closely with Leah, the event coordinator, Alfredo, the day of coordinator at the Hilton, and also Natalie, the officiant, Don, the DJ, and everyone else. On the wedding day, whenever my girls or I would need anything, she would be right up to my room to help. It’s amazing all of the little things that you need that you can’t really do yourself. I was so lucky that all I had to do was call or text Carina, and she would take care of everything. I have no idea who would have gotten the bouts on the guys if she wasn’t there! She just took care of everything, big and small, from getting the ceremony décor into the reception, to holding on to my daughter’s cell phone and my son’s Nintendo DS during the ceremony. She really did play an enormous role in making my day seamless and completely worry free for me. I would HIGHLY recommend her, she was my fairy godmother :-)"


"Carina is a professional in every sense of the word.  I was in awe of her poise and work ethic on my wedding day.  She made sure everything ran smoothly and helped me stay clam and relaxed.  Carina made sure all my ‘details’ were carried out perfectly.  She is reliable, responsible, and a pleasure to work with.  To sum it up, Carina “connected all the dots” which allowed me to enjoy my day to the fullest.  I recommend her services with out hesitation."


"Carina was amazing - hands down the best $ that we spent. I really can't even just call her a DOC because she met w/ us three times before the wedding and was so on the ball w/ everything. I felt entirely comfortable leaving everything in her hands... when people came to me with an issue, i just said, "tell Carina. She'll take care of it." and she did. LOVE HER. She's awesome..."


"Carina had many ideas to share and was able to anticipate what my husband and I would need before we thought of it ourselves.  When presented with a potential wedding day issue, she was full of solutions!   Her coordination services in the days before the wedding were very valuable as I had a lot to do those days without making a lot of phone calls.  The day of the wedding, Carina handled details so that I didn’t have to micromanage every aspect of the day.   Carina is also very organized, enthusiastic and positive, which is nice for stressed out brides to be!  Carina also helped me get more organized with her spreadsheets and suggestions.  I would definitely recommend Remember This Day...the services the day of the wedding in particular were very helpful to me as I did not have to worry about answering any vendor’s questions and could relax and enjoy my wedding!"

- Jennifer

"How can I begin to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day so wonderful?!  Our wedding day was flawless and if there were any issues, I did not know about them.  Thanks to you, I was a carefree bride!! :-)  You set up the Church beautifully and ensured that the reception was exactly as I dreamed it to be!  My mom and bridesmaids loved your Emergency Kit!  You were so prepared for all the little issues they were having with their dresses.  You ROCKED it, girl, and I was very lucky to have you there for me!  Thank you for everything!"


"[My husband and I] were surprised by Remember This Day's attention to detail!  They do so many weddings and events every year and they never miss a beat.  They made my day seem like the most important day ever, which it completely was.  My wedding day was absolutely perfect.  I cannot imagine what my day would have been like without Carina and Meg there.  They took care of so many things for me!  It rained 5 minutes before our outdoor ceremony and I didn't even know it was raining!  Carina and Meg made sure everything was under control and kept me from knowing news that would have made me freak out!  Carina also went with me to the fabric store to pick out [custom] fabric and sewed it for the backdrop for our photobooth.  She offered so much help throughout the process... I would use them again in a hearbeat.  Since I am the first out of my friends to get married, I will definitely be passing along my word!"

- Sarah

"I had complete faith in you from day one… my guests loved you and I can talk about you on a first name basis now lol… The most helpful thing that Remember This Day did was being available at all times… if I had a question or change of thought or decision, you were there quickly to respond and react.  I wish I had met you earlier in the process… "

- Jessica

    "I was able to completely relax on the day of my wedding because I knew that Carina would take care of accomplishing my vision.  I could telll that she really “got” what I wanted to see the day of my wedding and that really put my mind at ease.  Carina was also so calm at the ceremony and it really helped me to relax as welll.  We had some trouble with our minister not really knowing what to do, so I was able to tell all of my attendants to just “do whatever Carina tells you to do!  I was surprised with how much was inluded for such a woderful price!  Everyone came up to me and told me how wonderful Carina was!!  I was so happy to have a personal “advocate” for me so that I could just relax and enjoy the event!! ” 

- Laura

"Carina and Remember This Day gave me something for my wedding day even better than help with random wedding tasks.  Carina gave me piece of mind which meant so much to me.  I knew that my day was in good hands with Carina and everything I asked her to take care of would be taken care of.  I’m a planner and control freak at heart, but knew that there would be some things that I just would not be able to do for myself during the day, which is why I enlisted Carina’s services.  I could have been stressed out beyond belief and a nervous basketcase trying to get everything done by myself, but Carina put my mind at ease and took care of everything.  She was wonderful and I can’t begin to think where I would have been without her!"


"I really appreciate you helping Jessica. You had great ideas, brought up things she never thought about, and lead her to great contacts. Thanks again."

- Betty


"Remember this Day truly helped make my wedding a memorial event. Although I did not need a day of coordinator they helped with several crucial pre-wedding niceties. Carina’s care and attention to detail are something that is rare to find. My husband and I felt like she treated our wedding as though it were her own. It is obvious this girl loves what she does and is amazing at it. She came prepared, willing to work, and was able to open her eyes to my vision. We wish you the best of luck in building your business; you are certainly a diamond in the rough!"

-Your new friends, The Litwin's


"All I have to say is you are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our event went wonderfully and Eddie and I had SUCH a great time...as did our families!  All of our guests are still talking about you too. I would recommend Remember This Day Events to everyone. Thanks a million!!!"

- Afton